Design Build Institute of America - Hampton Roads Chapter


August 26-28 Certification Workshop in Virginia Beach

Certification Workshop - A three-day intensive program including the three DBIA core courses required for certification plus access to the exam prep course. We advise attendees to take the webinar before the workshop. For information on the course schedule, please follow this link.

Workshop Schedule

  • Code of Conduct Webinar (Pre-Workshop)
  • Day 1: Principles of Design-Build Delivery & Procurement
  • Day 2: Post Award: Executing the Delivery of Design-Build Projects
  • Day 3: Contracts & Risk Management

August 26–28, 2020
8:00am–5:00pm (includes breakfast and lunch each day)


  • HyperLearning Technologies
  • 3630 S. Plaza Trail
  • Suite 350
  • Virginia Beach, VA 23452


  • Owner Member: $1,200
  • Owner Non-Member: $1,500
  • Practitioner Member: $2,100
  • Practitioner Non-Member: $3,100 
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Why Get DBIA Certified?

Everybody knows that MD following an individual's name means "Medical Doctor" and that CPA signifies "Certified Public Accountant." Organizations and professions use certification to recognize qualified and competent individuals. The certification process is one of the single most important steps in career development. Here are the top 10 reasons why design-build professionals should consider participating in the process to become a Designated Design-Build Professional™.

(1) Certification grants you professional credentials. Earning the right to use "DBIA" after your name identifies you as a professional in design-build project delivery. Recognizing your individual accomplishments, certification serves as an impartial endorsement of your knowledge, skills, abilities and experience.

(2) Certification demonstrates your commitment to the design and construction industry and to your profession. Receiving your DBIA certification shows your peers, the A/E/C community and, in turn, the general public, your commitment to your chosen career and your ability to perform to a higher standard.

(3) Certification enhances the profession's image. DBIA's certification program seeks to grow, promote and develop qualified professionals, who can stand "out in front" as examples of excellence in the field of design-build project delivery.

(4) Certification reflects achievement. DBIA certification recognizes personal achievement by an individual who has demonstrated their excellence by meeting standards and requirements established by the industry, for the industry.

(5) Certification builds self-esteem. DBIA certification is a step toward defining yourself beyond a job description or academic degree while gaining a sense of personal satisfaction.

(6) Certification improves career opportunities and chances for advancement. DBIA certification can give you the "edge" when being considered for a promotion or other career opportunities. It clearly identifies you as a professional who has demonstrated a high level of expertise in design-build project delivery as acknowledged by the DBIA Certification Board and the Design-Build Institute of America.

(7) Certification may provide for greater earnings potential. DBIA certification professionals are often preferred when it comes to filling key positions in the industry. In addition, many firms provide employees with bonuses and incentives for achieving such a certification.

(8) Certification improves skills and knowledge and it shows others in the profession your individual competence by validating your knowledge, skills and abilities. Typically, achieving DBIA certification requires pre-determined coursework, additional study and "keeping up" with the constantly changing industry and marketplace. DBIA certification is viewed as a tangible indicator of your willingness to invest in your own professional development.

(9) Certification helps you prepare for greater on-the-job responsibilities and future challenges. Certified professionals are change agents because they possess the desire to anticipate or initiate improvements in project delivery and to the design-build process.

(10) Certification offers greater recognition from peers. As a DBIA certified professional, your peers will acknowledge that you have taken that extra step in advancing your professional development
The Designated Design-Build Professional™ program is intended to establish an accepted and recognized standard of design-build knowledge and experience.

DBIA certifies design and construction practitioners as well as other professionals working in the design-build arena. Through coursework and testing, these individuals demonstrate an understanding of best-practices in every phase of design-build project delivery, from proposal preparation to substantial completion.

DBIA certification is aimed at all members of the project team - from owner's representatives and legal professionals to designers, contractors, and sub-contractors.

The program has been developed for and by professionals commissioning and contributing to public, commercial, civil and process projects. DBIA's Certification Board endorses the program.

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